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Welcome to! My name is Marty Martelli, and I made this site because I wanted to showcase a few of the fake IDs I've designed in the past. You'll find everything from sexually-oriented themes to IDs that someone could use for Halloween parties, themed festivals, or cinematic endeavors! I tried to make them as entertaining as possible. I hope you enjoy them!

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If you are a club, organization, or company who would like to create extremely sophisticated and difficult-to-duplicate identification cards that are both inexpensive and secure, I can likely help you. I offer professional design services to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

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Conversely, if you are a movie studio, magician, or theater who needs help with the design of an ID-based prop, you've come to the right place. This website showcases a few of the more eclectic IDs I've designed. I can also create any other theme-based ID your project may require. I should probably warn you: My services are not cheap. However, they are the best you'll find. Please contact me for a quote.

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Finally, if you are one of those do-it-yourself individuals, I've written several books for you. They are by far the most comprehensive set of books created for advanced identification creation that ever existed. Virtually anyone can use them to create very sophisticated and near counterfeit-proof identification cards for your company, club, or organization. The books do not contain any downloadable templates or files, but they do contain instructions that will teach you everything you wanted to know about identification creation in a simple-to-follow, do-it-yourself style. You can find them at or simply click on the graphic below.

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WARNING: If you're one of those people who thinks you can get away with making an illegal fake ID, please don't contact me; I won't answer any of your questions. Fake IDs are illegal if they mimic government-issued IDs or "quasi" government-issued IDs. Mine do not. (In fact, they are nothing more than screenshots of IDs I've designed.) If you try to copy a government-issued ID, you'll probably go to jail. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE AN ILLEGAL FAKE ID--I CANNOT HELP YOU OR RESPOND TO YOUR INQUIRIES.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to talk to you soon!

Marty Martelli

P.S. If you have questions, feel free to email me! My email address is: info (at)
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